TORONTO: From Oiling To Trimming, Popular Myths Around Hair Care Debunked By Expert

TORONTO: From Oiling To Trimming, Popular Myths Around Hair Care Debunked By Expert

TORONTO: Often people warn us about the
lack of attention we pay to our hair. They sometimes give correct suggestions
but there are times when they pass on their wisdom without any scientific
basis. Usually, these suggestions are based on hearsay. Dr Jaishree Sharad, a
certified dermatologist from the American Academy of Dermatology, has decided
to bust those myths about hair. In a video shared on her Instagram page, she
has used the trending reel sound with written text to send the message
unambiguously. Let’s take a look these popular myths.

Hair care: Popular hair myths busted!

1. Oiling promotes hair growth-

dermatologist busts this myth and mentions that oiling is a good conditioner to
the hair and doesn’t help in hair growth though.

2. Plucking one grey hair increases greying

One of
the most common myths is that plucking one’s grey hair increases greying. Well,
the fact is hair becomes grey when the root loses pigment, according to Dr

3. Dry shampoo is as good as wet shampoo

shampoo may soak oil but it doesn’t clean the scalp,” the dermatologist
mentions. In order to clean you scalp, you need to wash your scalp and hair
with regular scalp.

4. It is important to change your shampoo and
conditioner as hair gets used to it

dermatologist tells that stick to your favourite shampoo and conditioner that
suit you well.

5. Cutting your hair will make it grow faster

myth is cutting the hair will make it grow faster. Again, the fact is it may
only get rid of split ends.

dermatologist regularly shares tips on hair and skincare. Recently, through
another video, she explained ways to identify your skin type and care for it.
The video featured fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, who said she was
initially confused about which skincare routine to follow. Then Dr Sharad
helped her by first identifying her skin type.

identified seven skin types, including dry, oily, and sensitive. She also had
tips to identify your skin type. If you are one of those who has trouble
identifying your skin type, click here to know more about it.

Be it
haircare or skincare, getting into a routine is the key. Once you have found
the one that works for you, you won’t stray.

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