GEORGETOWN: The race for the Miss India crown has begun

GEORGETOWN: The race for the Miss India crown has begun

GEORGETOWN: The Race to the throne of Miss
India Worldwide Guyana has begun with 10 vying for the title. Even though the
COVID-19 pandemic has posed a new mode of operation for the pageant, director
of Miss India Guyana, Hashim Ali has disclosed that the pageant can go on. Ten
talented delegates are vying for the crown and title of Miss India Worldwide
In an interview with the Buzz Ali stated that the while a date has not been set
for the coronation of the winner of the pageant, consultations with the
Ministry of Health as it relates to guidelines are currently ongoing.

He stated that the pageant which was
created as a way to not just connect Guyanese with their Indian heritage, but
to also equip persons with the necessary training, skills and platform to
achieve their varying goals was an extremely important part of Guyana’s
entertainment scene.
“The Miss India Worldwide pageant celebrates its 35th year this year and it is
deemed as one of the largest prestigious pageants for Indian women, outside of
India, so the pageant itself really dominates the traditional values and
customs are outside of India,” Ali explained. “This year, like the previous two
years, under my directorship would be no different… all participants will be
involved in aspects of the Indian culture such as dancing and music, yoga, Sari
draping and learning more of traditional garments. It’s a very in-depth
training session that the participants are involved in.”

He noted that over the years the
platform has positively impacted the lives of the winners as well as the
participants of the pageant. He stated that there have been several successes
including the opportunity for recognition in Bollywood.
Ali highlighted that the reigning Mrs India Guyana has already received some
level of recognition in Bollywood as she was contacted by two Bollywood
directors and is making plans to venture back to India to pursue her dreams.
Additionally to this milestone, the reigning Miss and Mrs. India Guyana were
also featured on one of India’s top talk shows in 2020.
“Recently both the Miss and Mrs. India 2019 Rasheen Haniff and Kristal Inshan
were the first Guyanese to be featured in the Kapil Sharma show in India. It’s
actually one of the leading talk shows where all of the Bollywood starts
usually debut their movies or any important aspect or event that they are
working on. On the show, they both appeared alongside Bollywood icons, such as
Dharmendra Deol, and his son Sunny Deol on their latest movie back in 2019 so
there are lots of avenues,” said Ali.

He noted that in addition to this,
there are several opportunities for not just recognition but also for the
participants of the pageant to give back to their communities and varying
charities. During the pandemic, the reigning Miss, Mrs. and Teen India Guyana
have all played their part in the distribution of COVID-19 supplies and relief
Meanwhile, Ali disclosed that the inaugural Mr. India Guyana Worldwide will
also be hosted this year. Ali told the Buzz that following the consultation
with the Ministry of Health, a decision will be taken as it relates to the date
and mode of the pageant, whether it will be held virtually or whether the
Guyanese people would be able to enjoy the pageant safely in accordance to the

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