DUBAI: Keralite wins Rs 39 crore jackpot in the UAE

DUBAI: Keralite wins Rs 39 crore jackpot in the UAE

DUBAI: A Keralite expat won a staggering
20 million dirhams (approximately Rs 39cr) in a monthly raffle in the United
Arab Emirates. Abdussalam N V, who runs a shopping centre in Muscat won the
raffle, the first draw of this year.

Though Salam, 28, from Kozhikode, won the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi draw on Sunday,
he came to know about it only after a day as the organizers of the raffle could
not locate him and break the news.

The organizers even approached community members to reach out to Salam.

Things started on December 29 when Salam bought the ticket with the number
323601. He gave his Indian mobile number instead of the Oman number, making it
difficult for organizers to reach him. Later, he came to know about the win
from his friend. Salam told a newspaper in the UAE over phone from Muscat that
he would share the amount with his friends who were part of drawing the ticket.

Draws of 3 million dirhams (Rs 5 crore) and 1 million dirhams (Rs 1 crore) were
also held. Saju Thomas won 3 million dirhams.

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