WASHINGTON:US Lawmakers, Indian-Americans Welcome Biden’s Nomination Of Eric Garcetti As Envoy

WASHINGTON:US Lawmakers, Indian-Americans Welcome Biden’s Nomination Of Eric Garcetti As Envoy

WASHINGTON: Powerful US lawmakers and eminent
members of the Indian-American community have welcomed the nomination of Los
Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as the country’s next envoy to India.

US President
Joe Biden on Friday announced the nomination of Garcetti,
50, as the US Ambassador to India.

am honoured to accept his nomination to
serve in this role,” Mr Garcetti said in a statement soon after he was
nominated for the role.

American lawmakers and eminent members of the Indian-American community
described it as an excellent choice.

Garcetti is an excellent choice to serve as US ambassador to India. The
importance of India to the global economy and national security will only
continue to grow over the coming years – and having a steady hand to guide our
relationship with that nation is vital,” Senator Dianne Feinstein said.

as the grandson and great-grandson of immigrants, is committed to economic
opportunity and justice for all, two bedrock American values that he will
effectively champion in India, she said.

nomination of Garcetti to serve as next ambassador to India is an important
step forward in the US-India partnership as the two countries work together to
end the pandemic, increase economic cooperation, and ensure regional security,
Indian-American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi said.

Garcetti’s experience in leading Los Angeles while championing international
cooperation between the world”s leading cities will undoubtedly serve him well
as he helps strengthens the relationship between the world’s largest democracy
and its oldest,” he said.

choice of Eric Garcetti to be the US ambassador to India is a mark of how keen
the Biden administration is on establishing strong ties with India, said MR
Rangaswami, a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and investor, about his

Rangaswami said Mr Garcetti has a strong track record as the mayor of America’s
second largest city and a personal connection with Biden.

of these will be significant assets as he plays a leading role in the efforts
to further strengthen US-India ties and we at Indiaspora are delighted with
this development,” he said.

Co-Chair of the Congressional India Caucus, I look forward to working with
Garcetti to strengthen the relationship between the world’s oldest and largest
democracies,” said Congressman Brad Sherman.

a nonprofit organisation of global Indian leaders, in a statement said as the
Mayor of Los Angeles, the United States’ second largest city, Mr Garcetti
would bring valuable political and administrative experience to the role.

close political confidante of President Biden who served as a Co-chair of his
campaign in 2020, Garcetti also would have the President’s ear,” it said.

Mr Garcetti
has a range of international experience, having lived and worked in Asia as
well as Europe and Africa.

Rhodes’ scholar, he has served as Los Angeles’ first Deputy Mayor for
International Affairs, where he expanded L.A.’s global ties to bring more jobs,
economic opportunity, culture, education, and visitors to the city, according
to Los Angeles” government website.

to India is a critical position for strengthening ties between the world”s
largest and the world’s oldest democracy, and President Biden has made an
excellent choice in Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti,” said IMPACT
executive director, Neil Makhija.

Mayor, Eric Garcetti oversaw the vaccine deployment in the nation’s second
largest city, where over 50 per cent of people over the age of 16 are now
vaccinated. Garcetti understands the urgency and reality of addressing climate
change, is familiar with geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific region from his
service in the US Navy,” he said.

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