PARAMARIBO: Indian film starts off with a Bollywood pictures in Paramaribo, Suriname

PARAMARIBO: Indian film starts off with a Bollywood pictures in Paramaribo, Suriname

PARAMARIBO: Lavish Media, Entertainment,
Private Limited, India begins with the shooting of a Bollywood number is in
Paramaribo, suriname. It is filmed at the presidential palace, the independence
square and the Game of Pasi. The crew, led by Ravindra Kumar, a tour to the
minister, Albert Ramdin, Foreign Affairs, International Business, and
International co-operation. To the country, it is a unique moment in time to
the investors in the film industry, to the coast.

This group has been found on the sites in the old town of Suriname, and it is the interior, which allows Ramdin achieved through the Communication services in Suriname. The group has also submitted proposals to Ramdin in order to have a businessvergadering to organize it, so that the Indian investor contact with traders from the country. Producer Kumar, said that, Suriname, and India’s cultural diversity. He wants to make the cooperation between Suriname and India to step up in the field of culture, tourism, and entrepreneurship. Also, because of the history that the two countries share, is to help the country.

Prime Minister Ramdin, said that
the culture of the doors can be opened and understanding can grow in its
foreign policy. Also, the networks, and social change, the rise of charge. It
is a form of cultural diplomacy, in which culture can be used as democracy,
participation, development, education, human rights, and freedom of expression,
and to promote it. In addition, you will enhance the reputation of Suriname,
with a miljardenpopulatie, and our tourism industry.

The culture is becoming more and
more recognized as a means to accomplish other goals that are more
values-oriented. A more consistent use of the policy, and on how the various
programs and activities in a strategic way, coordinated, and will be, the
directorate for International Cooperation is responsible for the onset. Also,
the minister pledged to work closely with the ministry of Education, Science,
Culture and cultural institutions, and all of the stakeholders involved in the
cultural diplomacy to pursue. It also featured as the prime minister take this
opportunity as a moment in history, because these are the cultural values and
standards that are globally distributed.

It is a fact that artists from
Suriname will be involved during the filming, to point Ramdin, the cultural
integration, and the promotion of the artists to have the opportunity to carve
a niche in the cultural world, particularly in film, dance, and song. The close
relationship between Suriname and India is caused by the fact that, in
Suriname, there is a large Indian diaspora. The prime minister also has the
logistical support, committed to the film.

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