KATHMANDU: The world’s highest Irish pub is in Nepal

KATHMANDU: The world’s highest Irish pub is in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Namche is a fantastic
little town for those who are on their way to an adventure on Everest. One of the main highlights of this town is an
Irish pub that is known as the highest Irish pub in the world. The
Irish Pub in Namche Bazar is at a height of 3450 m above sea level, and is a
place for travellers to unwind and relax. The pub that was closed since April
10 of last year due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, is now open.

The pub is always crawling with travellers from around the world, who are here
to get a first-hand experience of Mount Everest. Given the remoteness of the
location, it is a pleasant surprise to see the pub, complete with a pool table,
stools, and more. The pub’s supplies are flown in from Kathmandu, up until
Lukla, which is the last airport here. The rest of the way is covered by

Perhaps the best thing about the
highest Irish pub in the world is that you get to meet so many people from
different parts of the world. It is like a traveller’s tavern, taking you back
to the old days. You will find yourself indulging in stories of mountain climbing, exploration, and more. The Irish Pub is
a remarkable place for stories, and making new connections over a drink.

The Irish pub however did go
through some hard times since the devastating Nepal earthquake
in 2015. But picked up slowly, and recovered. Then the pandemic forced it to
shut its doors, but it is open once again as travellers make their way to
Everest base camp, or the ambitious ones conquer Everest.

The views in Namche are certainly unmatchable, but if you are a pub crawler,
you have got to make this trip from Kathmandu. It is an experience every
traveller would love to have. After all, how many get to drink a pint of
Guinness at the highest Irish pub in the world?

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