IRELAND: “From 800 to 7,000”: Ireland’s Education Appeal Soars Among Indian Students

IRELAND: “From 800 to 7,000”: Ireland’s Education Appeal Soars Among Indian Students

IRELAND: Indian students, in their quest for superior study abroad destinations, explore factors such as fees, living expenses, degree value, and job prospects. In recent years, alongside traditional choices like the US, UK, and Canada, Ireland has emerged as a prominent option.

Anita Kelly, Consul General of Ireland in Mumbai, has underscored a remarkable surge in the number of Indian students opting for Ireland.

“In 2013, Indian student enrollment totalled 800, a figure that skyrocketed to approximately 7,000 by 2022. This substantial increase is due to the dual-degree Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NMIMS’ College of Hotel Management and Shannon College of Hotel Management, which has led to a surge in student applications and acceptances,” remarked Anita Kelly.

Akshay Chaturvedi, founder CEO of, said, “The notable rise in Indian students selecting Ireland underscores its growing status as a premier educational destination.

Ireland’s robust educational infrastructure and recent academic collaborations, such as the NMIMS-Shannon programme, underscore its dedication to offering exceptional educational opportunities. As the global education landscape evolves, Ireland continues to attract significant numbers of Indian students seeking high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate studies.”

Moreover, experts, referencing insights from Kevin Kelly, the Ambassador of Ireland to India, suggest that the figures are approaching 10,000, with a substantial portion opting for postgraduate studies, though there is also an increasing interest in undergraduate programmes.

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