DUBAI: “Love Is In The Air”: Dubai Couple Get Married On Boeing Aircraft

DUBAI: “Love Is In The Air”: Dubai Couple Get Married On Boeing Aircraft

DUBAI: A woman, dressed in bridal attire, walked down the aisle of a Boeing 747 plane to exchange her wedding vows in an unconventional way thousands of feet above the ground.

The Boeing 747 was transformed into a stunning venue for the quintessential big fat Indian wedding of Vidhi Popley and Hridesh Sainani. Over 300 flyers dressed in ethnic were the couple’s guests and flew from Dubai to Oman, Dubai-based news reported.

The groom arrived in a red Ferrari at the airport’s tarmac with the ‘baraat’ to take the board the flight to marry Vidhi. The flight took off from the Jetex Dubai private terminal and landed in Oman.

In the three-hour-long flight, the guests were served a seven-star meal. The aircraft. The seats of the Boeing 747 were changed with the wedding’s theme and projector’s were put in each section of the plane for the guests to watch the wedding ceremony.

The “wedding in the sky” was a sequel in the Popley family which came after almost 30 years. In 1994, Vidhi Popley’s father Dilip Popley, a top businessman in UAE, got married in an Air India Airbus A310. Dilip Popley’s wedding with Sunita was the first wedding ceremony on a flight.

“My marriage in the air was my dad’s idea, which started from a lighter note. It was my dad’s dream, who wanted to get his son married in the air. We met the chairman of Air India and had a wedding in the sky in 1994. Now I am carrying his dream to another level,” Dilip Popley told Brew News.

“I am hoping, for my son’s marriage, technology will allow us to do something bigger, such as marriage in space,” he added.

The 1994 big fat wedding was called “Hawai Bandhan” or “Wedding In The Air” and the Airbus A310 took off from Mumbai for Ahmedabad. Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor curated the meal for the big wedding.

The Popley Group is a renowned name in luxury jewellery. It was founded in 1927 and has several stores in Dubai and Mumbai.

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